What are we celebrating on Woman’s day?

Maybe it is because I’ve always had an issue accepting things I do not agree with or simply because I don’t like to blindly follow the majority, but there are two things (among the many) that I cannot stand: Valentine’s day and Women’s day (I have nothing against the flower sellers though).

I won’t talk about Valentine’s day because, fortunately, also this year the 14th of February has gone on the quite. Now all the couples returned to their routine that is everything but romantic…although, I want to spend a few words on Woman’s day.

Why? Because in Italy it is celebrated today!

I know, I know… (unlike Valentine’s day) it rises from a good cause: to celebrate women’s economic, political, and social achievements. This I can still appreciate, but what if the above-quoted accomplishments have seen no further evolution, at least in some countries?

In Italy the Women’s day symbol is the mimosa flower…so if you are there on the 8th of March don’t be astonished if the same man that 5 minutes before was showing his appreciation by wolf-whistling at you or by shouting compliments up loud, is now offering you a mimosa as a sign of “respect” for your being a woman…on that day.

This is also (the contradictory) Italy!

On Valeria’s attitude I usually try to demonstrate that Italy is not always what you think it is and that it is a country with many faces. Well, this is one of those. This time I have to admit: the commonplace reflects the reality!

As an Italian living abroad this status subjects me to many questions about the role of the women in my country and how can we still accept to be represented in that way on TV. This kind of question always leaves me speechless (and it happens rarely :-) ).

They remind me to the peculiar idea of womanhood we have. It was mainly created during the 80’s with the advent of commercial television, owned by Berlusconi who demonstrated (also during his legislations) he high esteem he has for woman. As we all know, TV can (dis)educate people, and that was what happened in Italy.

As a consequence, you can find ornament (almost naked) women in every single commercial (from the shampoo to car wheels).

Why are we so underrepresented in politics? Why do we still let men decide our future? Why do we earn the half of men’s salary for the same job? Why do we still have to choose between motherhood and career? Do we need to become men to have equal opportunities?

I would go on and on with my list of questions…but the question is: what are we celebrating on woman’s day?

Some time ago I found something extremely interesting that helps me making my point. It is worthwhile to watch it till the end…

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