Naturally Sayitaly: Cosmoprof Bologna here I am!

20130311-194135.jpgHi Sayitaly folks! Here I am in Bologna…why Bologna? For the Cosmoprof fair of course!!!

Visiting Sayitaly shop you have surely noticed that the 90% of the site is dedicated to food. However, if you are a good observer, you also noticed that the first tab starting from the right is entirely dedicated to organic cosmetics and make up.

One could argue: “Why that? What does this stuff have to do with food?” Well, my answer is: “if you are what you eat: look out! You do not feed your body only with food!”. We come in contact with unhealthy substances every day (silicones, mineral oils, preservatives etc.), but only few people are aware of that!
From my own (Sayitaly) experience I can tell that the demand for organic cosmetics and make up is increasing. More and more people ask me to expand my product range and that’s what I will do!

And that’s why I am here at Cosmoprof! I am working for you, meeting green and innovative companies and sharing the same ideals. An amazing experience with great motivated people!

Stay tuned and maybe one day (not so far) you will find out that that teeny tab on the right side has become an entire dedicated website. You never know ;-)


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