Is there anybody out there?

If you landed on my blog I can only think about two options: either you are mistaken, therefore you are about to leave, or you are curiously interested about what this blog is about. To those who are here by mistake I suggest to give me a chance, so take a tour and listen to what I have to say…to the rest of the folks: there are a couple of things I want you to know before you start wandering around.

First of all, if you expect to find tons of old ladies videos telling you how to waste the whole day to prepare a proper bolognese you are in the wrong place and believe me (I am Italian) you would get frustrated anyway! By the way those ladies have gained their skills in years…

Yet, if you expect to find the same photos millions of tourists took already billions of times eating a gelato on the ponte vecchio in Firenze, holding the Pisa tower, drinking a cappuccino in piazza Navona… well, you are in the wrong place again!

What Valeria’s attitude will show you is a realistic Italy where women have a job, so they don’t have the all day to cook or make fresh pasta every day. You will leave behind the idea of Italy you always had. You will discover that it is impossible to talk about Italy as a nation made of the same traditions from North to South. Instead, it can be defined as a set of subcultures with their own believes, values, dialects, life styles, and consequently: cuisines. I always like to describe my country as a lavish tasty meal made of different types and styles of courses.

I will let you taste this meal and introduce you to a young and fresh Italy where it is possible to keep it simple and prepare a delicious Italian dinner for your friends in a few steps.

I will be happy to show you that part of Italy that is never in the spotlight and that preserves the authenticity and appeal of a virgin land. I will make you discover less known regions and their traditions, make you understand that often things you love about Italy do not come from those places you were always travelling to!

At the same time I will pass the borders and travel all over the world blending my cuisine in an eclectic fusion with other cultures cookeries.

In short, this blog will be more than meets the eyes about food, travel and much more…now you just have to follow the attitude of an Italian girl living abroad.

Leave your schemas behind, take your apron and follow me!

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