Conchiglioni filled with minced meat and … the secret ingredient

Today I want to introduce you a very special chef. She is not famous therefore you won’t find her name in the Michelin guide, although she is one of the best cookers I know who taught me almost all about Italian cuisine.

Cooking is a passion that Anna shows every single day since ever, but this doesn’t mean that she comes up with preparing very difficult dishes… it would be almost impossible to work in the kitchen 3 hrs a day con amore :-)

In fact, the recipe I am proposing you today is, as usual, a quick and easy way to surprise family and friends!

Maybe you’ve passed by some Italian shops (maybe Sayitaly) and looking at conchiglioni pasta you have been wondering: “what are those things? And how should I cook them?

Well, now you know.

Buon appetito!

P.S.: did you get what the secret ingredient was? … Just LOVE

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