Amsterdam: drugs, sex and…much more

Sayitaly Amsterdam drugs, sex and much moreHere I am again! I live in Amsterdam since 7 years and every time I share this info with non Dutch people I count in my head 1…2…3… and here it comes, with a knowing look like we were partners in crime, the person in front of me starts: “Wow legalized marijuana you smoke up there! Mmhh I have been in Amsterdam once…the red light district wow such a liberal country!” Sometimes they just say: “How can you live there?”

And I can even see in their eyes the flames of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Or: “Maybe I should visit you one day”.

Should you???

Well, in all these years I kind of accepted this, like I (almost) accepted the fact that every time I say I am Italian sooner or later I hear the magic word: “Maf(f)ia” during the conversation. So I came to a conclusion.

Valeria’s equation:

Mafia:Italy = Weed and Whores:Amsterdam

However…in both cases I still make some efforts to show people that Italy is not only mafia (why should I write it with a capital letter?!?) and Amsterdam is not only weed and whores.

So, in the coming weeks, a series of articles will follow with the purpose of showing you what you are missing when you come here and you are stoned the whole day!

I will bring you with me to my favorite places in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is totally different from a resident’s point of view…and even better: from Valeria’s point of view!


To be continued…


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